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    The Europeans

    Finalist: Book Excellence Awards 5 Star Review Readers' Favorite Finalist: American Fiction Awards

    It was a land of hope and glorious possibility and the Europeans arrived in droves, including Bing McKeon, Peter Papadopoulos and Matthew O’Gorman. Their dramatic story unfolds in the mountains of Northern Victoria and extends through a lifetime of sordid confrontations that involves arson, kidnap and murder.

    • be dead and be damned by Gerry Burke

    Be Dead and be Damned

    Finalist: Book Excellence Awards Recommended by US Review

    The murder of a controversial figure in a public place creates nervous tension at police headquarters. Chief Inspector Dave Klingendorf and his offsider from the Homicide Squad, the enigmatic Rachel Lyons, fight to keep the case alive while others try to bury it.

    The Replicants

    Finalist: Book Excellence Awards Recommended by US Review 5 Star Review Reader’s Favorite

    Planet Schmoo is so far into outer space it is the last stop before heaven. When a cataclysmic seismic intervention decimates their world, the Schmooans look for refuge on Earth and a continuation of the lifestyle to which they are accustomed.

    The snoodle contract

    Finalist: Book Excellence Awards

    In this humorous political tale, an American president, who is the victim of a diabolical conspiracy, must rely on the talents of a fearless Aussie detective to save his life—and hopefully his presidency. The novel your funny bone’s been looking for—The US Review


    Finalist: USA Best Book Awards – Humor

    When the Melbourne community is rocked by the news of abduction and murder, Paddy can smell the prospect of a retainer in the wind—death and depravity in the world’s most liveable city.   5 out of 5 stars—The US Review


    IPPY Bronze Medal: Best Fiction, Australia & New Zealand.

    A collection of short stories that acknowledge those men and women who have been inspired by gumshoe Paddy Pest’s outrageous exploits.


    Finalist: USA Best Book Awards - Humor

    Paddy Pest is a hero to himself and others. Now, someone has put out a contract on him. Is there no justice? A pleasure to read: 4.5 out of 5 stars—Raymond Mathiesen Reviews


    By Gerry Burke

    There are dirty deeds afoot at the Vatican. The U.S. President is in the gun. France is facing a crisis; and Paddy Pest is flirting with a lady on a train.

    A charming collection of humorous detective stories—IndieReader


    Finalist: USA Best Book Awards - Humor

    Short stories and commentary on politics, entertainment, sport, and travel! Paddy Pest and the author’s other notorious characters really come to life. Strongly recommended—The Midwest Book Review.


    By Gerry Burke

    I come from a land Down-Under but my short stories and opinion pieces are truly international. I plunder the possibilities, probabilities and potential of all the issues you care about.

    FROM BEER TO Paternity!

    By Gerry Burke

    Most people don’t have retentive memories, so verbalizing your opinions can sometimes be an historical nightmare: especially when beer is involved.

I was completely absorbed in the narrative, in the author's unique, inimitable style, and the writing that conjures up powerful images in the minds of readers. I read this novel from cover to cover, and was utterly immersed in the action.

Christian Sia
Readers’ Favorite

These humorous short stories will beguile you, entertain you and make you chuckle.

Raymond Mathiesen
Ray Mathiesen Reviews

Gerry Burke provides the reader with everything the crime spoof genre has to offer. The writing style is terse and the read is quick. No drawbacks.

Henry Baum
SP Review

He has a well-furnished mind, an ingenious intellect, and a prodigious vocabulary dedicated to making readers laugh.

Joe Kilgore
U S Review

This is the novel your funny bone’s been looking for.

Joe Kilgore
U S Review

An accomplished work of drama penned with a keen cultural eye!

K.C. Finn
Readers' Favorite

An adeptly developed historical novel with fascinating characters, humorous details, and riveting scenes.

Edith Waimiru
Readers' Favorite

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